Who We Are

Who are Jai Kudo?

Jai Kudo Eyewear is the UK’s premier independent designer and distributor of eyewear in the premium & luxury markets. Since the launch of our first collection in 2001, Jai Kudo Eyewear has been synonymous with quality & originality.

Today we continue to innovate in our designs and enhance our aspirational appeal, with the same commitment to quality that has become a defining element of all our brands and products.

What we do

What We Do

With clean lines, high quality construction and the ability to combine functional strength with lightness of form, we create eyewear that is always extremely wearable, with designs that skilfully adapt to changing fashions whilst embracing aesthetic balance.

But we’re not just about superior quality products, Jai Kudo Eyewear also stands for exceptional customer service and competitive prices. We’re constantly striving to make buying designer eyewear easier and more affordable. This approach has made us one of the top independent suppliers in the UK, consistently meeting the demands of our customers for quality, efficiency and value.

Designed in London

Designed In London

All Jai Kudo Eyewear collections are designed and developed in-house. Every collection benefits from a refined and consistent look & feel, and each frame has specific characteristics which perfectly complement its collection as a whole.

Design is central to our business ethos. This, combined with our exceptional sourcing abilitly, consistently ensures that we are at the leading edge of the world of eyewear. Our dedicated design team enables us to develop product quickly and effectively whilst ensuring it remains tailored to the specific needs of its licensor and market sector.

Marketing & Public Relations

Marketing and Publications

Retailer support is a priority, and we invest fully in the development of high impact POS, marketing material and promotional literature at both trade and consumer level, to assist sell through and support our brand & retail partners.

We also recognise the importance of pro-active public relations, and the growing significance of social media and digital channels as a means of engaging with customers and maintaining a strong presence.

We are also happy to work with our retail partners to develop bespoke promotional packages, enabling us to address the individual requirements of their customers.

A Complete Package

A Complete Package

Our expertise covers all aspects of designing and manufacturing eyewear, and our skill set is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.

We understand eyewear at all levels and offer a perfectly balanced combination of bespoke product design, commercial styling, sourcing, quality control, marketing and distribution. A complete package, delivering eyewear solutions at all retail levels and providing our brand partners and customers with a unique and distinctive edge.

  • 1999

    Jai Kudo Eyewear is established in London, United Kingdom.
  • 2001

    JAI KUDOLaunches its very first eyewear line: JAI KUDO
  • 2005

    Establishes sales coverage in the USA.
  • 2006

    Vision Expo - Best New ProductWins BEST NEW PRODUCT Vision Expo East New York USA. Establishes sales coverage in Eastern Europe.
  • 2007

    Vision Expo - Best New ProductWins BEST NEW PRODUCT Vision Expo East New York USA. Establishes sales coverage in Canada, South Africa and Australasia.
  • 2008

    J K LondonLaunches J K London, featured on season 4 of BRITAINS NEXT TOP MODEL. Establishes sales coverage in Germany.
  • 2011

    PodiumLaunches PODIUM.
  • 2012

    Hardy AmiesLicenses HARDY AMIES for launch AW12.
  • 2014

    GolaLicenses GOLA for launch SS15.